California Driving: The Author

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Hamish Reid at Umina Beach fish and chip shop, NSW Central Coast, 2012

The author at the Umina Beach fish and chip shop, NSW Central Coast (Australia), 2012

The California Driving Guide is written and maintained by Hamish Reid, a software developer, photographer, and videographer based in Richmond, California. My name is pronounced “haymish” (it’s Scottish), not some variant of “Hah-meesh” or similar. I’m British by birth, Australian by education and upbringing, and all over the place residentially.

I have a semi-formal photo portfolio site, augmented by my older Pandemonia, mostly concerned with photography, imaging, and writing; I also have a Hamish Reid Photography Facebook page, which I’m not particularly good at keeping up to date. My non-commercial videos are up on my Youtube channel somewhere.

If you want to get in touch, please see the Contact page.


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