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US Highway 6, Central Nevada


I welcome feedback, comments, corrections, and questions (but please check the FAQs before emailing me). As stated earlier, sometime in the (ever-receding) future I may try to publish this as a book or a book chapter, so if you don’t want your suggestions to end up in such a book, please don’t send them in (or at least tell me explicitly that they’re not for publication). Please also don’t get too upset if I disagree with your comments or corrections, or if I don’t incorporate them immediately into the guide — I have to exercise my own judgement on these things, and I may not always agree with you.

The best way to send in comments, corrections, feedback, or just get in touch with me is via the form below. (Note: I do not use your email address for anything other than replying to you, and your email address will never be forwarded to any marketing types).

Another note: although I’m the world’s worst email and mail correspondent, I do at least try to respond to every non-spam email I receive. It may take some time to get a reply, though, as I often batch replies. Also, a surprisingly large amount of email comes in that’s either a) nothing to do with anything on my site; b) unreadable (and I don’t mean the English is bad — that’s fine by me, especially for non-English speakers — it’s the ones with no coherent structure or point that defeat me…); or c) without a valid return address. I usually just ignore these….

Fill out the form below and with luck I should receive your feedback:



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