California Driving: Some Videos

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Zurich, California

Zurich, California

Some videos I’ve made over the years that might (or might not) give you some insight into a California that’s not always seen by tourists (sadly, the one video I most want to show here — Drive-By: Desert — sometimes can’t be seen outside the US or embedded anywhere due to Youtube copyright rules. Oh well…). Whether they’ll actually make you want to visit is another matter entirely… (all these and more can be seen on my Youtube Hamish Reid Video channel).



Deep in my fave Joshua tree forest (a forest I’ve been visiting for a couple of decades now), somewhere in Death Valley National Park.


California’s oilfields: a slow drive down Highway 33 and through Oildale and other Bakersfield / Taft areas.


A slightly out-of-this-world take on Mono Lake, one of my fave California places.


A sort of Californian version of of Picnic At Hanging Rock, done in the Alabama Hills, near Lone Pine, California (also one of my fave California places, despite the soundtrack making it sound more than a little sinister).


Yet another of my fave places (this time, the Port of Oakland), as seen (slowly) from a car. No, none of these are slowed down — I just drive very slowly while taking them.


The Old San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge before the eastern span was replaced.


A slightly odd take on The Port of Oakland…


Dune buggies and bikes (and much more) on Dumont Dunes a bunch of years ago.


My song of praise for the lowly pumpjack. Amazingly, tens of thousands of people have watched this all the way through (it’s certainly my fave video, even if it does show its age).

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